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What's the taxi transfer company’s Terms & Conditions?

Our website, located at and all of the booking services listed and linked from the site, is owned and operated by Johnnie-Obrt. Our services are provided for your personal use on condition that you fall into the guidelines listed in our terms and conditions here. We intend for these terms to protect both our website and its users. We strive to keep our users safe, especially as the significance of technology in our lives becomes more apparent. We prioritize the protection of our website and its users from illegal and disparaging activities. Users of our website acknowledge these terms, agreeing to the conditions of use listed below. Johnnie-Obrt’s business is located in Croatia, offering convenient and easy transfers to the airport and other local destinations. We facilitate the transaction of booking and paying for the transportation, often to and from the airport or train station. These terms and conditions cover all products and services offered by Johnnie-Obrt. If you still have questions about our terms, privacy policy or services, get in touch with us on our website, by e-mail or by telephone. Any use of our website requires your acknowledgement and acceptance of these conditions. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions below, we retract your permission to continue using our website and all services detailed therein.

1. What is the transfer service we offer?

Any mention to transfer service on this website implies the pick-up and drop-off of at least one passenger to and from the spots of the client’s choosing. The client is also given a selection of vehicles, prices, dates and times from which to choose. With our website, clients make an online reservation for vehicle service to take them to and from the airport, train station or ferry dock. This service is provided for your personal use, and reproduction of any of our content, software or services for commercial purposes is prohibited.

2. What is the procedure for booking a transfer?

Booking a transfer begins with an online reservation through Submitting a booking through our online reservation system enters you into a legal contract. Anybody over the age of 18 may book transportation through our website. To make the booking, you must input your personal data at least 12 hours before the required transfer. We will also ask for your arrival information and payment details, which allow us to guarantee an efficient pick-up.

3. What happens after I make a reservation?

We always send a confirmation e-mail following your reservation, allowing you to rest assured that transportation will be ready when you arrive. If you do not receive such an e-mail, it is your responsibility as a client to notify us. If you do receive the confirmation and note that the information reflected is not accurate, it is also your responsibility to notify us. It is a good idea to print this e-mail for your own records.

4. What will you do with my credit card information?

We only use your credit card information to charge you for the services we provide. It is our guarantee that your personal payment information will not be abused. Immediately following your reservation, we charge your credit card 20 percent of the transaction’s total. In addition, we will e-mail a receipt to the address you have listed. We have the utmost respect for your private financial information. The data we receive is used only to book and pay for the reservation detailed in your confirmation e-mail. In order to protect all the data we receive from clients, we use Secure Sockets Layer technology, also known as SSL, to encrypt the information. SSL keeps your information safe.

5. Are the vehicles safe?

Each vehicle offered by has been thoroughly inspected. In addition, each vehicle is properly insured to abide by Croatian laws. We do not cut corners when it comes to safety. The drivers we work with are known for their professionalism and courteous behavior. In addition, each driver operates the vehicle in accordance with the local customs and laws.

6. What if the vehicle is not present when I arrive?

If you find that the driver is not present, you must contact customer service at or by telephone. In the event that your reservation request is unfulfilled, our company guarantees a full refund within 24 days of the incident.

7. How much luggage can I bring in the vehicle?

We expect each passenger to have two suitcases and one small bag. Clients who believe they need a bigger luggage allowance should let us know before the date of the reservation. In most cases, we can accommodate up to four bags per passenger.

8. What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

We allow you to cancel your reservation, free of charge, so long as you do it at least five days before your reservation. You will receive a full refund. You may also change your reservation in the same time period free of charge; however, some changes, like a different vehicle or drop-off location, might add more to your total bill. If you do not cancel your reservation before five days before the transfer, you will still be charged the full amount. This is also the case if you made the reservation within five days of your pick-up date. We will charge you the full amount of the reservation.

9. What happens if I miss my flight because of the transfer?

If you miss your flight, bus, train or ferry due to traffic and road conditions, we are not responsible. In this case, you may not demand a refund for the service or for the loss of your transportation fare. In the case that our service is responsible for your delay, we will refund your credit card with the entire amount of the reservation. This is reserved for special instances such as a late arrival or mechanical issues. It is your responsibility to look at the pick-up and drop-off times to ensure that you have ample time to make your next mode of transportation. You should always check your tickets to ensure that you are providing enough time for emergencies, traffic delays and weather conditions.

10. What is your company held liable for?

As stated above. is only responsible for the losses you experience directly resulting from our services. Indirect damages are not refundable. In addition, we are not responsible for criminal activity committed by our clients and passengers. Our employees are not liable for contract losses and inaccuracies not pointed out before the reservation date.

11. Can a driver refuse to serve me?

Yes, each of our drivers reserves the right to use his or her best judgment in picking up passengers. Passengers who are behaving inappropriately or appear to be inebriated may be turned away from boarding the vehicle. In these cases, you will not receive a refund for your reservation. In addition, clients who cause damage to the driver, vehicle or personal property are subject to prosecution at the driver’s discretion.

12. What general provisions does your company operate under?

While the terms and conditions have been translated into languages other than Croatian, no other version offers different rights. In any dispute regarding interpretation or ambiguities, the Croatian version of this text always takes precedence. You can view the Croatian Terms and Conditions on our webpage or by asking our webmaster for additional information. In addition, the software clients need to access our website and its services is completely available on the website. We own all the rights to intellectual content on this website, including all original materials available here. Croatian law regulates these copyrights and provisions. Refer to Croatian laws for information about copyright disputes.

13. What is your contact information?

You can find an easy contact form at our website, You can reach us by filling out just a few pieces of contact information. In addition, you can find our offices at Dr. Franje Tuđmana 12, 23210 Biograd na Moru. For quick questions and concerns, you can reach our mobile phone at 385 98 536 591. Our company is legally registered as a limited liability venture under Croatian law. Additional suggestions, concerns and inquiries can be sent to We are pleased to receive your correspondence. It is possible that we will change the way we collect and process personal data and other information in the future. In the event that this happens, we will modify or amend this list of terms and conditions. In using our website, you acknowledge that you have read these conditions, including any modifications, and agreed to them.

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